Thursday, 24 February 2011



Pavle Tvaliashvili said...

dear students from Ismailli Culyan village secondary School, dear Mr. Sharafat Bayramov, thank you for your great posters. I am happy to see your interest in My Name Around The World project.
I will post link to mane page:

All the best from Gruziya.
Pavle Tvaliashvili
project coordinator

Rennae said...

Hi my name is Rennae I am from Australia. I wonder what my name would be around the world. I go to Liddiard Road Primary School. I am in Mrs joyce's grade and I am in year six. I am glad to start interacting with you. Cant wait to see more things.
I have my own blog if you want to have a look here is the address:

Sherafet said...

Tnahks dear students we are really very glad to see you in our blog/And we looking forward to see your blog.